Posted on: November 2, 2008 9:41 am

No Cash, No Problem

Well, only in the Basketball world.

Just like everyone else, I was looking forward to seeing this kid play and seeing a full bench, but we are UC fans, so we knew something would happen. Maybe one day everyone will stay healthy for a full year, maybe.

What we saw last year was a team that had no inside game, and was lead by one player. This year, we will be an inside team, trying to controll the paint, and take some heat off Vaughn. This will happen. Why?

1. Yancy gates. This guy will be a star one day, I just hope its sooner then later. I think it will.

2. Mike Williams. This guy is ready to play, and after yesterday game, I fell he has the ability to take over a game.

3. Rashed Bishop. Has the ability to lockdown on D, would love to see him score more. This may come, but he is very important to this team.

4. Steve Toyloy. Toyloy could be very important, look really good on the D side of the ball, same with Bishop, would like to see him score more, but its not a must.

5. John Reik. I don't think I have been more hype on a player coming in ever. 7'2, 240lbs,8.5 foot wingspan. Should cause matchup nightmares for teams. Him being out on the court, should make teams think twice about coming inside.

6. Biggie. If he can improve, just imagine him and Reik on the floor together. Scary.

What Mick has done is build a team with some monster inside. Forget about Vaughn scoring 40 a game for us to win, we just need to get the ball inside, and let those guys do their job. This is why I say no Cash, no problem.

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 1:12 am

Goodbye Jr, I will miss you

The day I knew would come, finally arrived.

Ken Griffey Jr is no longer a Cincinnati red. 

Here is a man who might very well be the best baseball player to play the game. Not only this, but was from Cincinnati. In a city that loves its hometown teams, and loves its hometown players more, this man was treated like Sh!t.

To the fans that made threats to his wife, to the fans that cheered when he tore his hamstring off his bone, to the fans that bashed him for getting hurt, to all the fans that didn't know how to show respect and love for a player that was from cincy, that came here for less money, that did everything the right way........... YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

It was an honor to watch you play Jr, I will miss you.


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Posted on: June 27, 2008 1:30 am

the state of cincinnati basketball

well it's been a few tough season for the uc cats. let me take everyone back.

2003 mick cronin leaves his home city and his alma matta to coach with rick at da ville.( a moved that really hurt bob and uc fans)

2005 bob huggins was arrested for a dui,later that year agreed to a buy out.

2006. andy kennedy steps in as coach. takes over a team that has a great starting 5, but has a very thin bench do to all but one of the 2005 recruits backing out. that one player was devon downey. andy takes this team to the nit but the whole country knows we got the shaft.

end of bball season 2006. just one day after uc lost there semi final game in the nit, a press confrence is announced and mick is named head coach. with andy going home to old miss. devon downey holds a press confrence to put an end to rumors that he wants to transfer. one week later its announced that downey will transfer home to south carolina.

mick is left with nothing. the 06 bearcats were seniors, the point guard transfer's out, no recruits from the year before. the only returning player is a walk on who is also the starting tight end for the football team.

i really thought we were going to boycott the 07 season, but mick came in and got to work. he put a team together in a matter of 2 months, not the greatest players,but it was a team. cincy would win 2 games in confrence play that year.

micks second year. in micks 2nd year he brings in a very nice class, high lighted by two 4 star recruits biggie mcclane and alvin mitchell with this class and some great perfomances by d. vaughn, mick goes from 2 wins to 8 in one year. instead of looking at all the positives,mick is still bashed because his last nams isen't huggins.

i do have a point to all this. it's that mick is a good coach. 2 wins to 8 is no fluke. the man knows what he is doing,and if you cant see it, then you are crazy. i give mick a b+ after his first 2 years.

also all the key players in this got to go home. andy to old miss, downey to south carolina, huggins to wvu. and mick came back to cincy. welcome home mick.

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