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No Cash, No Problem

Posted on: November 2, 2008 9:41 am

Well, only in the Basketball world.

Just like everyone else, I was looking forward to seeing this kid play and seeing a full bench, but we are UC fans, so we knew something would happen. Maybe one day everyone will stay healthy for a full year, maybe.

What we saw last year was a team that had no inside game, and was lead by one player. This year, we will be an inside team, trying to controll the paint, and take some heat off Vaughn. This will happen. Why?

1. Yancy gates. This guy will be a star one day, I just hope its sooner then later. I think it will.

2. Mike Williams. This guy is ready to play, and after yesterday game, I fell he has the ability to take over a game.

3. Rashed Bishop. Has the ability to lockdown on D, would love to see him score more. This may come, but he is very important to this team.

4. Steve Toyloy. Toyloy could be very important, look really good on the D side of the ball, same with Bishop, would like to see him score more, but its not a must.

5. John Reik. I don't think I have been more hype on a player coming in ever. 7'2, 240lbs,8.5 foot wingspan. Should cause matchup nightmares for teams. Him being out on the court, should make teams think twice about coming inside.

6. Biggie. If he can improve, just imagine him and Reik on the floor together. Scary.

What Mick has done is build a team with some monster inside. Forget about Vaughn scoring 40 a game for us to win, we just need to get the ball inside, and let those guys do their job. This is why I say no Cash, no problem.

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Posted on: February 13, 2009 3:30 pm

No Cash, No Problem

Hey Blitz, sorry I just now saw your comment, or I would of got with you sooner.

In my opinion, Reik will never step on the court for UC.

With Ibraiham Thomas coming in next year, I think this is the only reason why Mick would bring him here.  That or he isen't planning on having Belton back, but Thomas is a 6'11 guy, and will only play at the 5 spot.

I think Reik used UC to rehab his knee, and will declare for the NBA draft. It was thought that Reik choose UC because of their rehab center.  Look's like that night be true.

It has also been said that Cronin only offered him a scholly on the condition that he would stay for three years. This may be true, but I wouldn't think Reik would stay just because of that.

Reik is from Sudan, so you know that he wants to get his family out of that place ASAP. Really, who could blame him for that.

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Posted on: February 12, 2009 3:15 pm

No Cash, No Problem

So I heard Mr. Reik isn't coming. Any news or updates on him? I knew he was in Florida rehabbing his knee, but I thought he would play next year.

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Posted on: November 5, 2008 1:02 pm

No Cash, No Problem

I think he will, but it might take some time. We have other options this year, so it would be nice, but its not a must.

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Posted on: November 5, 2008 12:18 am

No Cash, No Problem

I hope Yancy Gates is everything that we all hope he will be . I watched him play against St. X in the Regional Finals and he was a 1 man wrecking crew , but that was high school . GO CATS !!!

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